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The Dracula The Series Alexander Lucard/Sophie Community

This community is for Dracula The Series Fans who ship Alexander Lucard and Sophie Metternich. The name came about because I wanted to think of something which represented the ship, hence velvet_nights was born.

Community Rules

1.All posts must be topically related to the Velvet Nights.

-That would include: Dracula The Series, Alexander/Sophie, Alexander Lucard, Sophie, Metternich, Geordie Johnson, and Mia Kirshner.

2. All posts must follow the Posting Guidelines. The Guidelines cover how to post art, icon, and fiction. Please read and follow the guidelines when you post, they're easy to follow and will make the community more enjoyable for everyone.

3. No flaming or spamming.

4. You may promote an awards community that our members creations would qualify and keep us updated about them. Actor websites and communities may be promoted here once and if you wish to promote again, please email me.

Any questions about the rules, promoting or if you'd like to become an affiliate, please feel free to email me at m_ravensblood @livejournal.com


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Anyone who would like to promote this community is welcome to take a banner and link back to us.